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 NOW AVAILABLE: Used Durand Wayland Semi-Auto Bagger in Good Shape



We Offer:

  • Individual units and/or complete packing systems.
  • Electronic or mechanical, weight or dimensional sizers, washer-brushers, waxing units, wet or dry dumpers.
  • Conveyor Belts, Dryers, Sorting Rollers.
  • Baggers or Bagging systems.
  • Cantaloupe Sizers and Bin Fillers with counters.
  • Watermelon Sizers.
  • Large Selection of Sizer Cups and Parts.
  • “New” Brushes for most washers.
  • “New” Belting cut and laced to your width and length.
  • Kerian Sizers
  • Built to Order Reg. and Stainless Steel. Washer/Waxers

J.S.Moseley Sales
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(276) 755-0195 Shop/Office
(336) 401-5544 Steve Cell
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